Model: OSP-500 Infusion pump


Screen 4.3” LED screen with 272×480 display
Memory Storage 1500 history events
Language Multi-language support
Power Supply 110-220V, 50/60 Hz
Built-in lithium battery 11. 1v,  2000mAh,  Support more than 4 hours
Size/Weight 282mm(L)x210mm(W)x148mm(H),  2.2kg
Injection mode Volume Mode, Time mode, Order Mode
  Rate Range   50ml syringe: 0.1-1800mh (0.1-999.9ml/h step: 0.1mWh) 30ml syringe: 0.1-900ml/h (1000-1800ml/h step: 1ml/h) 20ml syringe: 0.1-600ml/h 10ml syringe: 0.1-300ml/h 5ml syringe: 0.1~ 150ml/h
Purge Rate 50ml syringe: 1800ml/h (Bolus rate: 1200ml/h) 30ml syringe: 900mlh (Bolus rate: 600ml/h) 20ml syringe: 600mlh (Bolus rate: 400ml/h) 10ml syringe: 300mlh (Bolus rate: 200mlh) 5ml syringe: 150mh (Bolus rate: 100ml/h)
Mechanical accuracy of the pump within ± 2%
Alarm Liquid volume nearly alarm, liquid injection finished alarm, Doses injection finished alarm, Occlusion alarm, Syringe off alarm, syringe non-installed correctly alarm., low battery alarm, power off alarms
Other Remote Control
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