Model: OSEN8000 Patient Monitor
Screen size 12.1-inch Color TFT LCD Screen
Display Resolution 800*600
Waveform Standard 5-channel waveforms display, standard maximum 9-channel waveforms display, optional maximum 14-channel waveforms display.
Language Multilingual support
size and weight 306×287×172 mm,  3.4Kg
Power Supply External power: a.c. 100V~240 V, 50 Hz /60 Hz
Standard configuration Electrocardiograph(ECG), Respiration(RESP), Noninvasive blood pressure(NIPB), Blood oxygen saturation(SPO2), Temperature(TEMP), Pulse rate/Heart rate(PR/HR).
Optional configuration Invasive blood pressure (IBP) , Carbon dioxide(CO2) , IRMA Gas, Recorder, Central monitoring system(CMS), Touch screen, Wall mount, Rolling stand, WIFI.
Built-in battery Operating time: 3.5 hour Operating time after the first alarm of low battery will be about 5 minutes, Maximum charging time is less than 6 hours.
Storage Trend: 720 hours NIBP review: 1000  NIBP events Wave review: 2 hours Alarm review: 200 alarm events All storage data are non volatile.

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