Model: A3 Fingertip Pulse Oximeter  
l Multi-Color TFT Display, 1 inch, four display modes, have big-font display, digital display and plethysmogram display.
l Change directions manually according to patient observe needs.
l Audible alarm function, Alarm lamp display and heart rate pulse synchronization.
l Low power consumption, 50 hours continuous to work.
l It has the function of Perfusion Index to better get the pulse oxygen perfusion.
l When the battery voltage is too low, which may affect the normal use, there will be a low voltage warning indication in the visual window.
l Automatic power off when no signals for 8s.
l Small and light weight, convenient to carry.
l Spo2 measurement range: 35%-99% .
l PR Measurement range: 30- 240 BPM.

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